Time To Get This Started

Hello Everyone:

If you’ve found this website then you’re probably either one of our friends or my mother-in-law. And if that’s the case, I really shouldn’t bother telling you about why we started this website. However, in the off-chance you don’t fit either of those descriptions – welcome! We’re glad to have you. My name is Jessica and my wonderful husband’s name is Mike. We’ve been partners-in-crime and matrimony since 2013. Like many others out there, we met at work and fell in love. We’re both safety professionals for a smallish manufacturing company in Montana. Combined we have more than 20 years of safety experience and we’re ready to share that knowledge with the world. This website is our vehicle for that goal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


Jessica and Mike

P.S. Our kitty – Mr. Mittens – wanted to say hello.